Top tech that will help you save money

Expensive gadgets are something one usually thinks about picking up when they’re flush, but with the ever-increasing connectivity of our world it’s more possible than ever to save money with tech,. Both in the long term and the short term, more products are becoming available which help you to tighten the purse strings and squeeze the most out of your income.

Rechargeable batteries

Starting at the lower end of the spectrum, both in terms of cost and technological complexity, rechargeable batteries are something which everyone knows about, but few people take full advantage of. They’ve been around seemingly forever, but rechargeable batteries are more available and more efficient than ever. With a set of these and a high-quality charging station, you never have to worry about replacing the batteries in your remote, DSLR, or videogame controller ever again. This will often also save you the hassle of buying expensive proprietary recharge kits for consoles and other hardware. Companies like Panasonic and Samsung all offer a range of rechargeable batteries.

VoIP phones

Voice over IP telephone communication is another tech which has been around for a while, but there are still people out there paying exorbitant costs for landline telephones when IP calls do the same thing for often a fraction of the price. With an initial investment of under £100 and a fractional monthly cost, VoIP avoids the phone companies altogether, allowing you to call the world at little cost. Well-known VoIP providers like Skype have been functioning in the business world for years, so there’s no reason why you should miss out.

Cloud storage

Everyone’s heard of ‘the cloud’, and digital storage is a mainstay of most major software providers. Anybody who’s bought a Microsoft product in the past three years has heard of OneDrive, and the proliferation of free cloud storage software and file sharing solutions means you never have to buy a USB drive or disc again. With automatic sync and the option for purchasing additional storage, it’s often the safest and most cost-effective way to maintain your files.


Kindles are a common sight around most cities, but anyone who owns an e-reader (or, for that matter, a tablet computer or smartphone) would be remiss not to take advantage of the plethora of cheap and free books available online. Amazon’s own service offers dozens of classics and modern books, often for free. Project Gutenberg and are just another two great places to access reading material online. Many apps on the Play and Apple stores also provide regularly updated content, either for free or at a low monthly cost. Amazon’s own Kindle app allows users to access their purchased content on their mobile phones.


The smoking industry’s latest revolution has seen a boom in recent years, with e-cigarettes stores opening in every city around the world. It’s even possible to build your smoking experience from the comfort of your own home. You can purchase supplies here in order to build a custom e-cigarette, with a taste and strength of your own choice.