Some Different Features of Nursery Gliders

Nursery gliders are such a handy thing to have when small children have the run of our homes.  When it happens we instinctively strive to ensure that everything is safe and secure so that our young ones cannot have an accident and hurt themselves, but also that furniture and equipment around the house is designed with our own convenience in mind, to make caring for the kids the smoothest and most hassle-free experience possible.

For the uninitiated, a nursery glider is vaguely akin to a rocking chair which moves a little like a swing seat, but its pinch points are away from the floor making it altogether safer and a less likely source of accidents or mishaps.  And although they tend all to be built with the same principles in mind they do differ from model to model, with their own quirky and unique features for us to consider when deciding which of them to introduce to our own homes. Here are just a few of them:

  1. 360 Degrees Rotation

As well as being a rocking chair the nursery glider can also be a rotator.  Being able to spin full circle without impediment as well as to rock backwards and forwards provides the ultimate flexibility, for comfort and for your child’s amusement.  In its list of best nursery gliders Parenting Pick identifies several models with this added fun feature.

  1. Side Pockets

At least one manufacturer has added the deftest of touches to its product – side pockets. With small children often given to discarding items with which they have become bored, or parents sometimes confronted with the dilemma of having to hold on to redundant objects at the same time as controlling their children, having side pockets attached to the chair would appear to be an intelligent move and a solution to a whole raft of potential dilemmas.

  1. Footstools

Some have them, some don’t – but those that do add another level of comfort and convenience for the benefit of those attending to ever-active children.  Whether it is to permit carers to put their feet up or to give children an exciting alternative seating or playing option, the footstool can be a source of much welcome relief.

  1. Water Resistance

One would have thought it would have been a no-brainer, but not all nursery furniture is designed to withstand spillages so those items that are add another level of forward thinking to the deal.  Furniture occupied by small children is quite inevitably going to be put to the test in this department and having designs that are built to resist damage by liquid is a really big plus.

  1. Low Noise

Nursery gliders can be noisy.  With the added strain and movement to which they are subjected sometimes squeaks and squeals are only to be expected.  Some designers have countered this by incorporating tweaks which serve to minimise audible disturbance caused by the activities of boisterous children, which can be a blessing when one takes into account the level of sound that is already likely to present in the room.