Our Family

That is why we have created this blog, to save for our children – and to explain how you can save for your children, to give them the future they deserve, free from having to worry about their future or their financial predicament when they ought to be concentrating on their studies.  We write about how to make savings on your current outgoings, how to make extra money beyond your everyday income to put to one side, how to build an independent future for your loved ones.  We provide strategies for creating that all-important nest-egg, so that they will not be distracted by worry when the time comes.

So who are we?

We are Mark and Samantha Taylor, proud parents of two wonderful children – Tilly, who is ten years old, and Freddie who is eight.  Like all mothers and fathers we will do anything for our young ones including, needless to say, anything which will help to provide them with a better chance in later life.  Although some may say it is a long way off, we have already begun to save for that day when they leave school and start the next phase of their education at university.

Student Loans aren’t so easy!

People ask us why we bother, when students receive a loan which they don’t have to pay back until they are earning and hit a certain pay threshold, and even then the repayments are only a small proportion of what they earn above that, with any amount unpaid after thirty years written off.  And, they tell us, amounts owing on student loans are not taken into consideration when our children come to apply for a mortgage.  Isn’t that right?

Actually, not quite true.  Whilst the amount owing doesn’t show up on our children’s credit files, their repayment of student loans will be factored into lenders’ decisions as an integral part of their “affordability tests”.  In other words, those who are forced to take out student loans because their parents are unable to afford their tuition fees may be penalised later on.

This is why we have taken the decision to start saving now, so that we can minimise the burden upon our children by the time they enter university, and it is why we have set up this blog – to provide ideas and inspiration to others who aspire to do the same.

Agree, disagree?  Join us!

If you have children and you anticipate that they will be going on to further education once they leave school, don’t sit back and hope that everything will take care of itself when that big day arrives, because it will arrive a lot sooner than you bargained for.  You need to be making plans now, putting something away each week to lessen the impact when the big day is upon you.

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