5 ways to ensure you are employing the right people


Employing people these days can be a challenging task in your search for a suitable employee for your business or company. With so much choice and competition it can be a difficult task to sort through countless resumes. Here are the top five tips to ensure you are employing the right people in your business or company.  

  1. It all starts with your job advert. There are many options available where you can advertise. Choose carefully online sites that deal with your type of offering. There are all kinds of job sites, some are specialists while others can be general. You may have to go through national or regional recruitment agencies to deal with the potential influx of numerous resumes. It can be a very time-consuming job. Don’t discount advertising in local newspapers and also take into account word of mouth referrals.    

  2. Be clear on the exact details of the job you are advertising. Let people know in clear and simple terms what you are looking for in order to attract the right candidate and also letting the unsuitable candidate know what makes the job not suitable for them. Use simple, uncomplicated language so as not to cause confusion because the candidate needs to see clearly the experience and skills required for the job. Also, it needs to be clear what the job package includes, particularly the salary that is being offered as well as whether it is a full time or part time position that is being offered.    

  3. When selecting candidates for interview their resumes should provide the relevant information that they are qualified for the job being offered. There may be some training required but if the candidate has the right basics in place and a fantastic personality, it is a good idea to consider such an applicant. Successful team work involves a healthy mix of personality types.

  4. Look for genuine words of commitment. Avoid those just interested just in the salary. Ask questions concerning their past history, try to get letters from their previous employer. All these efforts will build a picture of who you are dealing with. Obviously the right education and relevant experience is advantageous, but sometimes you may consider a candidate that is so hungry to learn and is so welcoming for the opportunity you are offering, that it is hard to leave such person out.    

  5. Once the interview process has been completed, you will have to decide who is the most suitable! Retain notes taken for each applicant and don’t be afraid of calling them back for a second interview if you are unsure.   


In any job where being part of team is a requirement, social skills are critical when getting along with others. Companies like VeriScreen can be of great assistance in your search for the right candidate. Performing background checks on applicants nowadays should also be a prerequisite so you are safely employing a trustworthy employee to help your business or company succeed.